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I M P O R T    P R O P O S A L
Please read this following
            1. Since Dogs Wonderland House is willing to achieve “DISEASES-FREE” kennel, so we would like to announce that “We are NOT allowed any visitor to enter our nursery pens.” We aim to control any canine viruses, bacterial and other parasites from outsides which will affect our litters and dams’ health.
          2. Since international customers are unable to see the real puppies by themselves, so we would like to make a fair trade to every customer. We want to make a standard sell condition internationally by NOT allowing any sight visitor unless they want to see our Sire(s) and Dam(s) (Note: Dam(s) might not be available for sightseeing if she is having litters or is during pregnancy state and prepare for breeding).
         3.  The purchase price of our puppy is not the only cost you have to consider. Be aware that the puppy will need proper care: food, health care, toys, training, grooming and etc. The puppy will also need little things like a collar with identification, a bowl, combs& brushes, and a leash. Grooming and health care for Alaskan malamute and any large breed dogs are expensive than small breeds. Evaluate your budget; ask yourself if you really can afford this breed.
         4. All dogs must be cared for daily. This means proper diet, exercise, grooming and veterinary attention. Take note of how much time you have for to care for a dog. This is an important thing to be considered because a dog needs time and attention, needless to say your commitment to care for it.
         5. Be honest with yourself. Do you going to be able to brush the coat as this breed requires? Think about the size of your house or your apartment. Will the puppy be happy in your place? Do you have a fenced yard so he can go out safely? If not, can you afford to install a fence? These are crucial questions regarding the safety of your dog and being a responsible neighbor.
       6. You must consider about allergies. Check if you or any of your family members is allergic to dogs’ hair. It would be better to know of any allergies in advance before buying our puppies. We will not happy if you resale our puppies because one of this reason.
       7. If you
want to have puppy, research it well. Read information on reputation websites such as FCI or AKC and searching on this breed, or go to your local library.

Lastly, our regulations above are the final statement which we believe that it will improve our dogs’ health standard, prevent canine diseases and finding a good home for our puppies. We are working on breeding healthier dogs with the appropriate temperament for their breed.

(“We willing to sell our puppies to a person whom we trust and he/she also trust in us.”)




Welcome to Dogs Wonderland House
We are the kennel base in Thailand a part of that we also service import - export dogs to other countries.
The dogs from our Kennel  are all of them are good healthy and we are supply to the house  in Asia
You can fine puppies from us the show quality  only
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